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Blinky Thermo
Wireless temperature monitor with two K-Type thermocouples(Range: -200C to 1200C, Resolution: 0.25C) and two solid state temperature monitors (Range: -55C to 125C, Resolution: 0.05C). 100 hours of operation with a 5Amp-hour battery

Blinky Thermo Cam
An infrared camera with cloud archiving capability and time-lapse features. Also equiped with its own wireless server for isolated operation

Blinky SSR Bake
Wirelessly controlled ultra-high-vacuum bake-out system with programmable temperature ramp and 2500 Watts of heater power. The system uses solid state switching to give temperature regulation to within 0.1 degrees

Blinky Relay Bake
Wirelessly controlled ultra-high-vacuum bake-out system with programmable temperature ramp and 1 kW of heater power

Blinky Power Relay
Wirelessly controlled 1200 Watt, 240 Volt relay with power meter

Blinky Stepper
Wirelessly controlled 12 V, 1.8 Amps stepper motor controller with 0.05 to 1.8 degrees of resolution

Blinky Environment
Wirelessly controlled enviroment monitor with three temperature monitors, one humidity detector, and one moisture monitor

Blinky Cosmic Interval
Wirelessly controlled ionizing radiation monitor based on a Geiger–Müller tube

Blinky Shiver
Wirelessly controlled non-invasive vibration detector with a sensitivity of 2um and a bandwidth of 250 Hz using ultrasonic technology

Blinky Shaker
Wirelessly controlled test bench for the Blinky Shiver

Blinky Fever
Wirelessly controlled fever detector using infra-red technology

Blinky Wind
An component of the Blinky-Lite system for rapid prototyping. Blinky Wind includes an interval counter for measuring wind speed, analog digital acquistion for wind direction, an an integrated subsystem DS18B20 for temperature measurement all placed in a hermitcally sealed enclosure for outdoor use.

Blinky Solar System
Blinky Solar System is a distributed configuration controlling an 8kW home thermal solar system. Temperature differences between the remote solar panels and the basement water tanks triggers a water pump to circulate water through the panels to heat the house.

Blinky Basic
The tutorial project that demonstrates Blinky-Lite features

NB Freezer Monitor
Remote Failure Monitor for New Brunswick HEF and G Freezers. Sends SMS alarms if a freezer temperature alarm, freezer power outage, or site power outage is detected. Alarm system is UPS powered and communicates over 4G providing continuous monitoring even during a complete site-wide power outage.